You want to become a bar brother (phenomenal street workout athlete) but don’t know how. How do you train for muscle ups and other body weight feats?

Will Bar Brothers The System help?

This review will help you decide if Bar Brothers The System is the right calisthenics training program for you – and determine if it is effective and realistic in its claims.

I am qualified to review this program because:

  1. I have purchased the program
  2. I train in bar calisthenics
  3. I have feedback from other trainees of the Bar Brothers System

This is a contrast from numerous other fake reviews that don’t know what they are talking about.

1. What is Bar Brothers – The System?

Bar Brothers – The System

Bar Brothers -The System is a step-by-step calisthenics training program that spans 12 weeks. It is designed to help you develop the mindset and physical strength to become a bar brother (or street workout athlete).

This is also the official training program of the Bar Brothers, created by its founders, Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic.

Bar Brothers System builds the foundation for street workout beginners to progress into calisthenics freestyle movements. Think creative combos of handstands, human flags, muscle ups and more.

As a positive side-effect from training, you will also get a better physique by the end of the program.

Origins of Bar Brothers System – Lazar and Dusan

Lazar and Dusan are among the top calisthenics experts in the fitness world. They propelled the Bar Brothers movement – “to become the best version of yourself” – into a worldwide phenomenon. And in the process, the duo helped transform average people into amazing calisthenics athletes through body weight training.

Naturally, they were asked by countless people about the specifics in their training approach to replicate their results in strength feats and physique. This prompted them to create the Bar Brothers System, which details the exact training mindset, eating habits and effective training methodology.

Watch Dusan’s Inspiring Story on the Bar Brothers movement and The System

Muscle up

Watch the video introduction

2. Why I bought Bar Brothers – The System?

Calisthenics and street workouts was already part of my cross-training routine, and I was compelled to buy the training program for three reasons:

1. Tried-and-tested training methodology

I wanted to learn about Lazar’s and Dusan’s tried-and-tested training methodology.

The duo are founders of one of the largest calisthenics movement. They have also helped average people become calisthenics athletes with phenomenal freestyle strength feats.

2. Figure out what went wrong in my own training

There were problems in my own cross-training routine that caused a tendon overuse injury (affecting my wrist, elbows and shoulders – both right and left) and a rotator cuff tear. I wanted a comprehensive reference to figure out what I was doing wrong in my street workout routines.

3. Discounted price

The discounted price was within my budget.

3. What do you get from Bar Brothers  – The System? Is it useful?

How is the training program delivered?

Bar Brothers System is delivered via an online platform loaded with video tutorials, instructions and insights on bar calisthenics. Navigating the platform is very straightforward.

When you first login, you will be redirected to a list of training programs as shown below. I’m only enrolled to the first one (The System) and opted to upgrade later.


After clicking “Access Now”, you will be directed to The System training program as shown below. It is divided into 18 sections of videos and resource downloads.


How is the training program and workout structure like?

The training is divided into three 4-week phases. Each 4-week phase is a step up in difficulty.

You will have to train six days per week, devoting no more than one hour per session. To make such rigorous training possible, the program uses a split-training forma, where different areas of the body is targeted per session. The workout intensity also varies among sessions.

The following is a breakdown of the training program’s 18 sections, with a rough idea on what you will get.

Here’s how the videos and information are displayed in each section.

Bar Brothers Welcome Screenshot
Bar Brothers Welcome Screenshot

Because the program caters to people of all fitness and strength levels, Lazar and Dusan demonstrates the proper way to perform each exercise, common mistakes and provide complete progression steps. The progression steps allow you to perform exercises at a lower level if you haven’t built proper strength and technique to perform an exercise in its regular form yet.

I personally found their muscle up tutorial to be the most detailed among the many I have watched. And I regret not watching this before attempting muscle ups last month, which contributed to a long-term shoulder injury. I hadn’t bought the program yet and was making many mistakes they’ve pointed out.

In general, the training program is realistic when you consider workout programming and time commitment. It is, however, going to be more challenging as you progress up the phases.

4. How much is it? What else is offered with the training?

‘The System’ is the basic foundation of the entire series of Bar Brothers Systems, consisting of:

  1. The System
  2. The System Accelerator
  3. The System – Freestyle Moves.

The System is priced at US$97. BUT you can get it at US$47 right now as it has only been recently launched.

The latter two programs (The System Accelerator & The System – Freestyle Moves) are next level programs that can be enabled later on. You will also be given the option to be a member of an exclusive support group – Bar Brothers Family.

That said, you will be given a limited-time discount to get the next-level programs and support group right after you purchase The System. I declined the discounted programs as I wanted to take things slow (due to the injury) and didn’t want to go over my budget. The support group is valuable to your bar brothers transformation though.

5. Pros & Cons

Pros – The awesome stuff about the program

  1. No guesswork needed. No analysis-paralysis. Just follow the plan.
  2. Easy-to-navigate (on desktop, tablets and smartphones)
  3. Easy to Understand
  4. Pep Talk from Dusan and Lazar
  5. Fully-explained Tutorials
  6. Minimal Equipment Needed
  7. Responsiveness of Support Team

Cons – The annoying things about the program

  • Needs internet connection

Because you will be outdoors for most training (pull-up and parallel bars), be prepared to use data on your mobile device if you ever need to refer to the videos when training.

However, you can work around this (if you have limited or no data) by pre-loading the videos on your device browser before heading out. Just remember to switch off wifi and data so that it doesn’t auto-reload. Alternatively, jot down essential points on paper before heading out.

  • Time Commitment

You will need to devote close to an hour per session for six days each week. What do you expect out of an immersion program for becoming a street workout athlete?


6. Who actively trains in Bar Brothers – The System?

Based on Bar Brothers Family secret Facebook group, the majority of trainees are male between the ages of 18 to 34.

BUT there are many exceptions and outliers…

  • The youngest person who actively posts his progress with the program is 14 years old. There is an even younger trainee at 13 years old. Since, this is a calisthenics program, there are no issues with them being too young.
  • The oldest trainee who has posted results is in his late sixties.
  • There are a few Bar Sisters in the program.
  • There are a number of people from different busy professions – some of whom you’d think would have very little time to train but they made it work!

This all makes sense because the Bar Brothers movement has always been inclusive to anyone who has the will to train; to compete only with themselves; to be the best version of yourself.

7. Does it work? People who’ve had results with this training

What The Program Claims


The System promises a vast difference in strength, ability and physique between the time you begin and complete the program – provided you adhere to the workout and nutrition guidelines. You are asked to take before-and-after shots and perform two strength evaluation tests to ascertain this.

But will it actually work?

Update: I found 2 people who recently completed The System – blurred screenshots below

Since Bar Brothers System was launched around July, it is difficult to find someone who completed the entire program. I will therefore use three sources of proxy comparisons to judge if its claims on effectiveness for both ability and physique are realistic.

Dusan's Transformation
Dusan’s Transformation in Physique
  • Source 1: photos and videos demonstrating physique and ability by people who were instructed/mentored by Lazar and Dusan. This is a fair proxy for effectiveness if we consider that these people were (in a way) were ‘guinea pigs’ for the program. And the program mimics the founders’ method of training.
  • Source 2: my experiences in a similar bar calisthenics program. This while reasonable is less reliable because I cross-train in many other activities.

Source 1: Photos & Videos demonstrating ability and physique

Watch the 2012 video posted by Lazar. It shows the transformation of people who trained and learnt from them.

Source 2: Personal experience with a similar street workout program that I created for my own training

Prior to being injured, I was training 4 to 5 days each week for beyond an hour per session. My cross-training involved Aikido, running and a little parkour. In as little as three weeks, my physique was noticeably different.

If you are wondering why I didn’t continue my self-created regime, I got into a serious shoulder injury from poor cross-training programming and shaky street workout fundamentals. Being impatient also didn’t help. So, while my physique had improved, my strength was improving only marginally through the accumulation of my mistakes.

Overall, this program works and is realistic in its claims. You will see noticeable progress in both physique and strength abilities.

However, don’t expect to be able to perform muscle ups within 12-weeks if you are a complete beginner in fitness. You will get there faster than normal, but probably not within the time frame.

This is okay since the program does not claim to be a muscle up magic pill.

For greater assurance, the founders have put in place a 60-day money-back guarantee if it does not hold to its claims; you don’t have to explain why you want a full refund.

8. Is ‘Bar Brothers – The System’ right for you?

Which do you want more – a better physique or street workout strength?


Yes. You can attain both strength and physique with Bar Brothers System.

But if you solely want six-pack abs and an athletic physique (and don’t care how you get there), you are better off with alternatives that will achieve similar results with less effort. This is because you will likely drop out from lack of passion.

You should only get Bar Brothers System if you want the abilities (including freestyle movements) and strength of a typical street workout athlete. It will get you ready to live the Bar Brothers way of life and give you confidence from overcoming the challenges. That is the key – the desire to live the bar brother lifestyle and have a really cool way to workout.

Will you make time for it and are you determined to succeed?

Let’s get these out of the way first

  • Are you willing to train six times per week (one hour each session)?
  • Are you willing to find a way to make it work?

If “no” – don’t get this training program. If you aren’t willing to make time for it, you are wasting your money. This program is not a magic pill.

What if time really is an issue?

In the same vein, if you’ve done your best to adjust your schedule but can only train for a few days a week, your results will likely be much slower. I have asked Dusan if the program can be adjusted. My brief interpretation of his response is “no” and here’s my guess as to why – improper adjustments will increase the chances of injury and kill the effectiveness of the program.

But here’s my suggestion, and do this only if you truly are passionate about street workout, you can either:

  • Use this program as a reference guide because of all the top-class tutorials, tips and information
  • Or wait till your schedule gets better to start (but buy it soon to lock-in the discounted price)

9. Bottomline

Bar Brothers – The System is right for anyone who wants to get into the bar brothers or street workout lifestyle. Complete beginners will benefit immensely from the progression-based tutorials. If your goal is to be able to perform freestyle strength feats and gain the confidence from pushing the limits of your body, this program is for you.

If you have really no time but appreciate some proper guidance, and avoid injury like mine, this program has good tutorials to refer to.

Physique comes as a “side-effect”. Time constraints and willingness to commit are two important factors to attaining the results desired, and if you are serious about training, go for it. Anything less is a waste of time.

Start your 12-week calisthenics transformation

Build a solid foundation for advanced moves like the muscle up, flag and lever. And get the physique you’ve always dreamed of.


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